Now faced with a cackling, violently ill catfolk, Drusca offered to take you to a secret temple to Erastil, god of the hunt. With little choice you followed him, only to discover that Pixie was physically unable to go near the temple. The temple guards became immediately hostile towards her, but allowed Drusca to bring the rest of the party inside for treatment. After paying the fee all who were afflicted with Cackle Fever were cured, but the High Cleric was not available to talk to you about these strange events until later in the evening. The party left the temple, returning hours later to find it unguarded, and realized Pixie could suddenly enter. You found the infirmary full, as many townsfolk and all of the staff were violently ill with the same Cackle Fever that brought you there earlier. They could not explain the spread of the sickness, but eventually you surmised that any who tried to heal the sick contracted the disease. You found the High Cleric at last, both sick and mad. You discovered that this sect of Erastil's followers were a cabal of witch hunters, whose influence had spread all over the continent, causing death and tragedy to witches and innocents alike. After a hard-won battle with the old man's paladins, the woman you had known as Vanna appeared, casting a spell that held the entire party in stasis while she took great pleasure in killing the cleric with a blast of unnatural cold. She had orchestrated the siege and the magical illness to gain access to this temple for some kind of revenge, the sick priests too weak to maintain their ancient curse that barred all witches from entering. While still unable to move, you heard her begin to speak to someone she referred to as her master about "holding up his end of the deal" and "heading to Kerse". Then she vanished. Once you were free of her spell, you took the Cleric's records and set fire to the place before saving the sick townsfolk, leaving the priests to burn. You now stand outside as the building erupts into flames.

Dire Consequences

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